Scarlet Blade Official Trailer

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Close Mankind has almost been completely wiped out. On the verge of extinction, the governments of the world turn to their last hope – genetically engineered warriors…


Thomas Rey says:

0:24 They made everything in this game to look wrong

It looks like jizz

Flower Song says:

I wanted to play the guy just to be the girl playing the guy while guys
play the girls lol

Flower Song says:

..u guys do know theres a dude now @[email protected] 

Marco Rivera says:

This game asucks balls not beacuse the boobs Cause i wuold rather play
skyrim then som e shitty graphic and fake ass combat shit U see colors when
u attack i let my 9 year old sister play this she can play perfectley

Merrroco says:

as far as hot women, I agree, but as story goes, I disagree.

Macsimus007 says:

LOL, you underestimate what large companies will go out of their way to

Tokyoheidi says:

What are you on about “bitch” ? If you’re confused about what’s going on
here, then don’t just dive in with assumptions because no one cares about
what you think.

water4zabuza says:

played the beta

LeNinjaKitten says:


deathscreton says:

*sigh* Another overhyped PC asian MMORPG. Haven’t we had enough of these

Darlan Aquino says:

The original name of the Game is Queen’s Blade. Do u know there is a mangá
and a anime named Queen’s Blade? ¬¬

weareNaation says:

No difference really.

UltraGigala says:

Read again and then reply

XiriusBlack says:

Aeria games, goes so down, Now WITH FREE P0RN

Knight Tobi says:

Fuck the Police ╭∩╮(◣_◢)╭∩╮

Willy D says:

looks bad

Ar0wally says:

is there some new character appearing soon?’

matics28 says:

apparently you haven’t, otherwise you wouldn’t be searching for mmo’s on
youtube -_-

Itegumo001 says:

if aeria wanted to be real they would bring back 12sky, and close down that
bullcrap version they call 12sky 2.

XxXAngelfanXxX says:

The future of mankind rests on . . . . . . boobs? lol but seriously this is
sexism XD

PlayStation Underground says:

Well i have to agree with you.

Tokyoheidi says:

Hey Screw you man. Maybe the MMO was bad, but the series is unmatched.

Tokyoheidi says:

Yup, we sure do. But the only difference is in intelligence. Some people
like to enjoy dirt with a cup of coffee on the morning, some prefer the
normal breakfast.

blazethecat363 says:

this is such a hot game. I play it and I LOVE it!

Macsimus007 says:

At :41 seconds that machine gun sound effect was the same as the one from
the Marine unit in Starcraft II. Lawsuit?

lululu1506 says:

Can’t WAIT!

Araanor says:

who probably was a guy claiming to be a girl

Maxen1416 says:

“I only play for the story and gameplay..”

DC Harsh says:

Queens Blade online lol

Hatsune Miku. says:

scarletlade is way better than final fantasy. much better fighting.

AllMightyDiesel says:

Lesbians dream game!!

Deviansama says:

Ah, thank you for clarifying instead of raging like many other youtubers. :3

GalagaHero says:

A lot of different things use that sound. If it doesn’t have copyright on
it, they wouldn’t be able to sue. Also, i highly doubt blizzard would go
out of their way to copyright the sound a marine’s gun makes.

demaintenacer says:

wish someone made a MMORPG like lineage 2 but the walking mode/camera style
more free like on last chaos.

Manuel Schulze says:

Na mal sehen wie das game so ist^^ Kann man ja mal antesten :p

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