Scarlet Blade Character Trailer

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Close Witness the many deadly women of Scarlet Blade as they strut their stuff and sho…


xenosnake says:

I was in alpha.

xenosnake says:

I got my mechs on lvl 17. o. o Also it doesnt used up HP and MP, yer max HP
and MP doubles while in mech form

Tingly Bubbles says:

Whipper ♥

walter campos says:

are u retarded? Many people got alpha invites

Meijin Ryudrakan says:

Shadow Walker FTW!

canufeelthe says:

This will shut down very soon..

Merrroco says:

I find that hard to believe since the game’s not in beta yet.

IheartGaming IheartAnime says:

the graphics suck

Razmazyuka says:

They don’t care about women, they only care about attracting audience.
Gamer kids today are already perverted by media and sex drive in our
society. This game is just the beginning of weirdness. Almost every AD in
entertainment industry today has some half-naked chick on the label because
sadly they know that this is what todays youth are looking for. It will
only get worse unfortunately…

Dordah Villanueva says:

that’s why its for mature audience…if you play it, you will know that
it’s not all boobs or asses or sex appeal….play it first before you judge

Salt0fTheEarth says:

I think I’m more distracted by the bright colors than the gratuitous amount
of cleavage

Edmont Dantes says:

If you want to make money at least make a good game. But WTF this game
looks real shit. Here is my advice: Good games sell. That is the very
reason you won’t make big bucks.

Nick Martin says:

I love how socially progressive this game is! Now, they didn’t give anyone
realistic, practical armor or clothes. They didn’t seem to be too invested
in differentiating the characters beyond “sexy badass trope”. But now that
there’s no males, this is clearly a utopian society in which these
“stripper uniforms” are no longer looked upon as such because they’re all
that’s available to wear? Because since there’s no males to oogle, it’s
acceptable? Or something?

thepaganwinter says:

Ive seen better graphics on the original xbox hahaha. Seriously who would
play this shit.

tanki motoko says:

reverse that

Vanity Vengeance says:

Fail, didn’t finish the Sen. :c

Drenn660 says:

THe best game for the perverts or pedophile 🙂 YAY !

SeitanPotpie says:


patyos2 says:

Most that I saw with medics is being a Tank or Support

Bleack Castro says:

i love this game

Azzy Slo says:

few times see games/animes that are ecchi = Ok 😀 a lot of times see
games/animes that are ecchi = Annoying -_-

Vlaka says:

If this doesnt look like the biggest load of shit i’ve ever seen I don’t
know what does…

Dylan Fleck says:

Why play this when I can just look up porn?

Merrroco says:

Are you cuz last time I checked Aeria never has alpha tests for general
public, get the full story b4 you post moron.

AzureRoxe says:

The game itself is actually kinda good from what I’ve seen, but using pure
sex appeal is the wrong way to go for this.

daniel raj says:

its funny to see people getting upset about the game just because its all
about boobie power, thats what entertainment is all about either physicaly
or mentally entertained and i saw one of the lates updates they are
releasing a “MALE” playable char, the job is called “CHASER”… and i my
selve do prefer playing a male char but im gonna try it anyway heres one of
the link i saw recently

Michael Rudie says:

Like I said most of the time I make male characters to get more immersed in
the RP experience but sometimes… sometimes… Lets put it this way, if
games like this had like Skyrim level graphics and the girls were dressed
like they are in this game it would be like the highest selling MMO ever
(as long as the game wasn’t crap) and I would count myself among the ranks
of “9-14 year old and a bunch of old horny maniacs!” The truth shall set us
free. lol

SilverAeon12 says:

Is this an action mmo type or the usual point-and-click style?

xenosnake says:

I saw a lot of upfront trying to steal a kill lol

borderlineAbyssetic says:

It’s funny, I thought this was going to be a more feminist game until I saw
how the girls were dressed. However, this still seems pretty damn cool. I
just kinda got my hopes up for something and got let down.

Jack Pipsam says:

It’s like all that’s wrong with gaming in one.

Dak rite says:

respect = lost

1881eagle says:

really…what level do you obtain your mech, when can you start riding it,
what the cost of using a mech, what level can you get a bike and a pet,what
level can you start wearing your faction armor and what factions are there/
when can you go to the club? but…whats the use? when you go on forums to
find those answers..-_-

Willem Rahbari says:

That idiot that got something like your mama pregnant??

BasssXX says:

Really stupid idea to create a MMORPG where you may only play as women…
That’s a marketing lesson right there… While playing these kinds of
games, people like to realte to the character. Female gamers are a
minority… Why not a leat let you chose your gender?

BasssXX says:

I would guess that regular male people who create a female avatar are
always looking for free items or usually go with this statement: “as a man
it is much nicer to spend 50+ levels looking at the back of a female.”.
Although I find that the majority of the people would like their avatar to
be relatable to themselves. And that’s what I look for when in a MMORPG.

Echo Trowers says:

This game is so sexually oriented that its laughable at time. I played the
closed beta and I understood who the game was appealing to but I must be
too old or just too infatuated with REAL PEOPLE to even think twice about
how the girls looked. The animations for the skills were nice and i liked
how the fight scenes were and that’s about all that kept me playing for
that week.

1881eagle says:

yeah, TAB is choosing a random closest (fails at times) target. and

Joe Rui says:

where is the Sentinel?

dark shadows says:


Exceptional Jon says:

This has the three B’s of a successful game: Breasts, Breasts, Breasts.

kissofthehell says:

Well thats how law works in NA and EU … KR law is different so thats why
Sentinel got censored like Elin from TERA in NA and EU versions…. its
just how law works and we have to deal with it. Tough EU TERA sort of allow
swapping with kr files to remove the censorship lol

Vladislav Dušek says:

This is great game ! Awesome mmorpg and yeah .. ThaGamingRoots its 18+
sorry ;D

Baby Blue says:

No, I don’t think so. WoW has had more people play it than this. It’s just
that lots of ’em left for whatever reasons. What you’re trying to say is
that Scarlet Blade has more people playing FOR FREE than WoW players pay
for every month (if this isn’t what you’re trying to say, then you’re
completely fucking wrong).

Merrroco says:

You’re calling me a dumb ass, when you can’t even see what I’m doing. You
fail as a human being, you fail at life.

Razmazyuka says:

Even robots in this game have boobs… What messed up developer made this…

tanki motoko says:

I like how people see not even full on tits and it’s automatically porn.
This is what happens when for years sex is mostly kept in the dark in
society. People star to think anything remotely suggestive is some how porn

ThaddeusLarsson says:

female armour classes.

Rikkus_Guardian Lanif says:

They are still making her, since the original was a bit…small…

FrOsT3D3 says:

game maded for perverts lol. Except account anime i havent seen anything
more interested there :/

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