Mazes Of Fate, Clueless Wizard [Part 2]

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Decided to blindly play a game I’ve never heard of. Found it to be surprisingly good. It’s got this old school first person dungeon crawling element to it.


LA Plays says:

Well, that sucks. I had an old laptop with vista that used to do that with
the touchpad, but since I got this new laptop I haven’t had that problem
even once. GoGo Windows 7.

Also, I swear this commenting system gets worse every day. I can’t respond
to you either, and there’s no button to expand your post. You have to hover
your mouse over it, which doesn’t really seem like a big deal, but the
inconsistency bothers me.

LA Plays says:

Yeah, the smartphone-ification of windows lately makes me kind of glad that
I have a decent computer with Windows 7 (which really isn’t half bad) and
that I’m going to be learning about Linux when I go back to college in
January…you know, just in case. =P

LA Plays says:

“Occasionally the keys get stuck…”

That’s what happens when you watch too much porn, greeny.

greenraven22 says:

For once I can blame Windows 8 and not the stickiness of porn. XD

greenraven22 says:

I know. Overall none of this is really all that bad. But it just feels like
Google is making some overly complicated which worked just fine when it was

Why exactly were people forced to switch over to Google+? If I really
wanted one badly I would have gotten it on my own just fine. I don’t see a
purpose in doing this.

greenraven22 says:

Also I should mention that my touchpad occasionally feels like not working.
Just this morning it decided to start doing it’s job again after a month of
not doing anything.

I’ve actually looked it up and people are just shrugging. So far there’s
nothing you can do about it, reinstalling or restoring doesn’t work, “it’s
just one of those things” about Windows 8.

greenraven22 says:

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