Blade & Soul Online Level 40 Faction PvP and PvE Warzone Gameplay

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Ben Thomson says:

I heard this game been in works for 6 years are you joking I never seen a
game take so long to release.. tey are mad

Зерафим Тредастриевич Зеро says:

If someone (from Europe) want to play this game without crazy ping now ,
you may play it on cracked russian server(now there open beta, release
planned on July) (from Berlin servers ping about 40-70). I can help with
registration. P.S.Sorry for my english))

Weapon-X says:

game looks ammmmmaaaazing O.O

pixeluded says:

As beautiful as this game looks, I’m sure it’s going to be just another
boring grindfest. I really hope not though.


Awsome =)

WigoFellas says:

i want this game NOW !

fafiperfect2 says:

I think they will release it in PS4

Microphunktv says:

lol this tottaly reminds of final fantasy that new mmorpg.. : ) or dunno..
atleast it doesnt look tottaly “chinese” if u get me.. i dont find any
appeal on those chinese grinder looking games ; ) this looks pretty ok..
why no mmorpg makes Wooducutting and “wild” or whatever so u can loose ur
gear? what’s the point in Dieing in games if there’s no loosing something?
fck that shit 😀 i better play Eve : )

Hugo Evson says:

Onde que eu posso baixar este jogo? Alguem pode me mandar o site? Obg!

tigerfanman says:

yeah …. i didn’t understand the hype after i found out it wasn’t action

Bigus Dickus says:

graphics are truly amazing.

krlitos says:

this game looks surprisingly good, dam. Hope it comes out soon

BfhOneShot says:

i like to see that colors :p

Filip Mihoci says:

do you play on Amex server or on official server??

tigerfanman says:

i want this oculus rift ready!

Bjarke899 says:

yes its going to be F2P in EU/US =)

RFyellowtail says:

I can’t wait for this game to come out for the US, hopefully P2P (although
I know for sure that it’s not going to happen lol).

Maxlove Nohate says:

Still waiting in the US to play this game…. ugh..

InsaneDy says:

matrubating while playing !

tenchu951 says:

wanna play this game too 😛

xAndrzej42 says:

all this cutting and shit, but where is blood ? almost all mmo rpgs dont
have nice blood effects

killacam543210 says:

its like a mortal kombat fighting game with the option to lock on

edzu1 says:

stop hitting litle girls u bastards

soyboy says:


Brian Shewoerer says:

This game looks so beautiful

mcincerre says:

faction pvp again omfg

Kahlo kahlow says:

Ncsoft is really awesome. :O I bought guild wars 2 and it’s epic. I hope
this game will be f2p so I can download it!

Singy Bear says:

wow, this game looks pretty good, visually as well with all the spell
effects, cant wait to play it 😀

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