Blade & Soul Online Level 27 Assassin Questing and Pile Driving 1080p

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LiangHuBBB says:

I rly wanna play this game, but when is the eu release? been waiting like 2
years since this game has been released

luke slaywalker says:

what armor u use?

Metal Is Forever says:

Man this game looks like a damn masterpiece :O next-gen in-fucking-deed!

hugo i says:

this game is more boobs than game -.-

Skor00 says:

thys game is no borring??.every fight its the same coz only 8 skills? ;D

liberator48 says:

at level 15 the game is pretty disappointing, it’s like a mix of Aion and
Tera, it’s heavily instanced and very linear so far…. good thing ArcheAge
should be coming to the west soon!

TaeNyDaBest says:

There’s more than this. Some skill had its own requirement to use the
skills and the build can even chg the skill effect itself. So its not
boring like u said

Scott Harvey says:

Cool vid

maaue17e59 says:

where can i found this cloth bro? :3

Chuchu says:

Assasin low attack power but fast in speed

Slacker says:

The fact that assassins no longer stand like this (out of combat) in the
chinese version of the game is it because they didn’t include this stance
or cause I did something wrong in the customization?

スロンカイ says:

why I want this

容炜超 says:


RemRemxD says:

how do I get this outfit ?? I’m playing on china servers and I really like
this outfit

Zanny Pants says:

So play a male if you’re into dicks

john benasi says:

this game is next generation have kunfu techinkes its a chalenge its not
boring grafhic is th best gameplay is awesome perfect mmo for my opinion
chinise people do only the best believe it

kilabeetz101 says:

ha noodles

Th0usandMaster says:

and the way you speak, you probably sits around 18-21 yo which is still a
kid in my eye

MrTirien says:

The fact that it takes forever to kill one mob kills it for me, it’s like
Aion, no matter how awsome you look or how much epic gear you have you will
never be powerful, but may just be in the beginning who knows, maybe you
will actually feel your characters progression later on.

Pablo nmieto says:

and then next year and then next year and next and next and next like all
final fantasy games.

Boss Galka says:

Naw, that would be Scarlet Blade.

Isaac McCree says:

since when were really agile classes supposed to wear big bulky armor
anyway? their supposed to be able to move around easily.

Itsuko AQW says:

So you basically only like super big armors on women and men that would be
impossible to move with in real life? Use logic, I would rather have sleek
armor that heavy armor.

TicTac MentheDouce says:

Nice “Graphics”

ZedTheRed100 says:

You can play the Atomix server if you really cant wait, but you have to
download it in parts on their site and it takes forever so I recommend
finding a torrent.

periud1994 says:

Wo kann ich es download

ranivus says:

“If im going to Play a Korean grind fest, Make my main character as
pleasing to the eye as possible” – Confucius

Omar Rikudou says:

en latino yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

CapOMixO says:


iBoom Boom says:

private server of Blade and Soul

ExcaliburJones says:

When on online do not refer to people as kids because you do not know that
person dip shit.

Zach Gonzalez says:

how do i get in on this game. dont care what version

A Brenner says:

What’s wrong with CoD or LoL? Stopped playing CoD after MW but in all
honesty everyone is sounding like an annoying broken record. “Hurr durr you
came from CoD huh? derpaflirpaflerp!”

masterloot2 says:

is there some kind montlyfee

BorrisTheBandit says:

I like the art style in general, but that face is just horrid. I’m sure
some people like it, but it just seems to anime-ish and to me it doesn’t
fit the body at all~

Aron Yozuko says:

Seu vídeo e 10 deu ate vontade de jogar Blade & Soul só por ter visto ele !

countdown54321 says:

its korean MMO

NightcoreDemon says:

Probably 2014.. 🙁

Thanh Toan Phan says:

im waiting for this game, damn long…

Lorettefromchaos says:

food animtion- brilliant!

HachiZenki says:

So…that bikini top armour does….what? +20 to distract?

Hehehe says:

is this free to play? i hope the english version releases this year and not
ip blocks 😐

Zizan Razak says:

Have been so long waiting the game to release.. 🙁

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