Big Booty project Dat Ass (Blade & Soul) part 1

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It’s new fighting MMORPG “Blade & Soul” from NCsoft. This video was created at the request of the audience, and contains over9000 focus on the female ass. Part 2 –…


takis659 says:


Fernando José Araujo Parreira says:

this is fat not big >.>

Umbra lux says:

what is the name of the songs ?

Jay Savings says:

I come here to watch her at least once a week.

Will Excalibur says:

Another one of those games where you get distracted from the mission
because the avatar is so fine… I love those games

Angel Montes says:

Please, i need the name of the song

Andre Jackson says:


Loc Thiese says:

Just HAD to post.. A geeky guy thing.. Don’t pimp on us ladies..

LiuBei Virtue says:


fstop77 says:

Her head looks way too small for her body in some shots. Love the hips

BoyNintendo55 says:

Dead or Alive Dimensions.

Fred Raymond Lindalen says:

Dude is a “ghetto” languange, did you know that.

kyle draigan says:

hello to you little bitch you need a meaning to your life you do not do
shit and insulting spy little fagot your account has been blocked you sent
messages to those you write you think I’m retarded if you say but seuul
difference is that we are not told you then shut up , you fucking coward

billzloll says:

You need a girlfriend

Khaeros Hengal says:

I wanna play thiiiis gaaaaaaaaaaaame >: @

shade enziger says:

oh no…you see the video…X)

Darkaction13 says:

It’s new fighting MMORPG “Blade & Soul” from NCsoft.

MrXandresinfinity says:

whats the name of this game?

kyle draigan says:

this guy did a good job, too bad it is not there on these video aaaah I
Would like to be a virtual character and become his internet boyfriend …
the girl, not you darkaction ….. ^_^ NOOO it’s a joke thanks for sharing
and as most reviews say it would be nice if you could do other video

OwnerOfSuccuby says:

What game is it ?

doobie88 says:

Are you playing on Atomix?

Loren ♥ says:

Chun Li is getting old…

depleno says:

Cuerpo de guitarra tiene la chica , espectacular.

ilight8 says:

He said ”english”.

Darkaction13 says:

I do not know the names of 3rd sound.

Runehunter7 says:

What’s the race and class your playing? Also is this game coming for the
consoles too? New or old? Both?

Abraham Satinger says:


Fred Raymond Lindalen says:

interesting hair….

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