Icarus Online Open Beta Male Character Creation Extended 4k Resolution

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Icarus Online Male Character Creation in 4k Ultra HD! Please like and share, took a lot of work to encode this 3gig video. http://steparu.com/news/open-beta/1533-icarus-online-open-beta-grand-open…


CrAZzYbUNnAy says:


Erza Scarlet says:

this game’s UI somehow reminds me on AION

Azara Gore says:

No matter what choice you chose they still looked like pretty boys… lol

Elton Galindo says:

how do I download the game to participate in the beta?

THE BARD.G says:

the male armor looks like tera male armor

Justin Sayavong says:

You had.. a really hot guy.
And then you ruined it

Emre ibiş says:

looks awesome !!

TeknoRokr says:

Came for the half naked chicks and got Men in underwear fml.. lol, game
looks amazingly beautiful.

U Mad says:

This game looks like aion with better graphics :3

Cethis V. says:

I’ve been waiting for this game. So pretty! Really curious how the controls
feel in action, cause videos I’ve watched look a little sluggish. Thanks
for sharing Step!

Stebetojas Tomas says:

Steparu what pc you using ????? nice game :)

mehmet turan says:

How are we able to get membership

Bakuryuu Kenji says:

i’d like to see gameplay from the other classes, like the tanky, the mage
and the support ones Step!! and some man characters just to see how the
action goes, all yours gameplays on icarus are a girl with a big sword and
in black desert the girl with bow and arrow .-.

Arshlen Ghart says:

this game looks awesome…. system requirement?

Li LIE says:

so in this game u can only create Asian female and white male?

ceilXphantomhive says:


Dario Lima says:

wich pc config are you using?

Dario Lima says:

youre playing icarus???????????? lucky bastard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SelLeks says:

ok, now female character creation.

Steparu.com Gaming Channel says:

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