Age of Wushu Gameplay – First Look HD

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Close for Age of Wushu (Age of Wulin) reviews, gameplay videos, guides, screenshots, tips, news and more. Age of Wushu (…


Million Minds says:

Here is how to download and install Age of Wushu. Because it’s new download
system sucks…You are going to have to get 7-zip which is free so you can
open up rar. files (The files that say “ Download all of those
files and make a new folder to extract them to. Right click on the rar.
file which looks like a stack of books and click “extract” then find where
you made the new folder to extract to. I recommend making it in Programsx86
and naming it ‘Age of Wushu” Then once you have extracted all of these rar.
files, drag all the files that came with the first installation “setup” and
then run the Setup.

murtaghmorza1 says:

Lol, your mandarin is at 0.

Arkaue V.C. says:

reminds me a lot of Sword art online i would love it if other games
incorporated this style of progression 

bigbadaboem says:

i tryed this game at begin is kinda alot of learning but further into the
game its cool and good

for the ppl seeing the shop/store u dont need it to become better then
other players
its used for ur own needs looks/mounts/scripts

so far i stil like it

ps dont look at bad english ;)

Abhisek C says:

240p ?_?

Sakura Haruno says:

Its 720p

Jason Fakename says:

Is this game suposed to take long to download?

Hyoudo Issei says:

HD? Fucking 720p bullshit

VusRoTah says:

I’m trying to install the files and crap again over to my PC… Why did
Snail Games do this seperate files and to extract it then download it? Back
then in my days, it was just a click of a button and wait… 

BlindErephon says:

A good game overall. Pro: cool combat, open progression, lots of neat
skills to learn. Con: Bad translation, poor customer service, confusing if
you rely on in game tutorials. Not pay2win so much as pay to go faster.
Also has alot of events that give free items in game.

Chris Robato says:

Age of Wushu comes out today. This is the North American version of the
Age of Wulin. It looks very good.

Zlashies says:

LOL, u saw the combat in eso?

Kamil Nowak says:

666 likes it is a satanic game?/

TheRealSpoony says:

Why is this guy a commentary host, his setup sucks. 240p what is this the
early 90s…lol

BotReporting says:

You should be avoinding Snail Games. While some of their games are great ,
the company is awful. Just check their records on businessconsumeralliance
site, at company id 100110912, you’ll see a long list of unsolved
complaints for 2013 only. That’s how they treat their customers. They have
awful (in chinese) support and slow moving. They’re also know to practice
different tactics like taking your money then freezing your account for
“balance” reason or no reason. Just check the records.

firedrone111 says:

what ur fav server mine is white tiger

Andrew AJCFrizzled says:


MrCupse says:

he asked can you be a ninja not are ninja from china

MarekUtd says:

yeah mate but still minimum 480p would be nice.

k3v1nsk1 says:

looks shit. not only the quality but the game itself.

Clinton Nguyen says:

as you are

manup my little poney says:

best game every in free to play now

ThouShaltNotTalksh1t says:

Nice first look. Covered alot and gave a feeling of the game. Also im
pretty sure that the skill is called Swallow the whale, although you keep
saying shallow.. nice one anyway.

CrysisCloud says:

HD? HA! Yeah Right…

EMO Gamer says:

stop judging, not everyone know where ninjas come from. mostly people say


what does the HD stand for in the video title?

MrLolpap1 says:

240p we meet again,.

Zanfire11 says:

HD on a 1-inch display maybe…

Adrian Stelian says:

dont waste your time on this shit game it has even 7 giga and im realy
dissapointed….gay as shit

Niereformowalny says:

(people) we stop now and look for this (monkey’s) and this is HD woooow
(people) yeah it’s not HD (monkey’s) iaiaiaiiaiaaaaiairrrahrhaar…….

GreenfaceONE says:

HD? Where is my HD? I don’t even bother to watch if I can’t get a crystal
clear High Definition picture. May i suggest NOT putting HD in the title
when that is a blatant lie. Thumbs down just because of this. Thanks!

emre çiriş says:

age of wulin come hover..

iMonk23 says:

dislike from me… not hd… you can’t lie in the name of the video.. it’s
just… disrespectful..

NSgameGOD123 says:

When did 240p turned HD?

Mustafa A. Ali says:

sadly i loved the commentary …

Nexus_gaming says:

Sort of like SAO (Sword Art ONline)

kmo951 says:

you use the mouse is it 3rd persen then ?

GuvernorDave says:

what a terrible microphone

Skyo Su says:

quilty too low

Neahanted278 says:

lolwut 240p i must be sleepy

meaningoflove7 says:

i feel you man. atleast you played for 3 hours…

Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki says:

fuck you

shadowwing says:

this take you back when skill only master no bp or other shit stoping you
from fight higher lvl cus there no lvl only skill playthat how mmo sould be

kitty211100 says:

no levels? then what do u do?

Itaku says:

Both Samurai and Ninja are from Japan lol.

djay T-b says:

wow that game is shit

Downoff says:

age of shuwu 🙂

Nick Fletcher says:

Guess you’re retarded.

Zied Hm says:

HD ? xD

MrMoon360 says:

Guess you never seen Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

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