RIFT shuts down in Korea, NCSoft Layoffs, Scarlet Blade open beta, and more!

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succclollipop says:

Scarlet Blade.. it’s like WoW for guys who mostly want to see tits.

Jin GW says:

do movies. your too beautiful not to be on everyone’s tv . youtube is a
great start, do your own movies!? idk, but i swear your are prob one of the
hottest girls on the earth that has ever lived. i subscribed to you, but
ill never leave a comment again to you. GL in your life, stay tru and
honest. GL!

jfz133 says:

How about the game offers no good or innovative gameplay, is slow, the
graphics are mediocre at best, and the fact that they have to advertise and
depend on the horny/pervy crowd through almost-naked jiggly physics says
LEAGUES about the game itself.

Nheeb says:

Pokket, for your next video, you should cover a bit of Forsaken World news.
The company behind the US servers has dropped the ball in a HUGE way,
possibly destroying the economy for their servers with 1 weekend bonus pack
that was priced at 2.5% of what it should have been. If there aren’t
rollbacks on all servers, it’s a game crippler… and they have no weekend
support staff. Time for popcorn to watch the fireworks! (Also, don’t feed
the boobtrolls)

Len H says:

That I bet makes WOW people happy…means maybe some more in WOW…but most
RIFT fans can not go backwards 10 years in technology. Most Koreans Prefer
realistic looking games. Scarlet Blade is INCREDIBLE looking….wont see
those kind of graphics in WOW lol..NEVER

LadyAtoli says:

Wow, that’s pretty awful advertising. Shame on them.

succclollipop says:

Also, did someone punch your left eye Pokket? Want me the bust them up!? Or
are thems sleeping bag eyes?

darkangelsg5 says:

heh Korean gamers have a LOT to choose from. RIFT has kinda gone downhill
since launch…SB’s whole “selling” point is the half-naked to full
nakedness – it’ll attract a lot of hormonal teenage players but it lacks a
lot as far as game-play goes, same as any other “click on quest to go to
next poi”. Sticking with GW2 xD

lolumaria says:

Im sick too, i smoke weed to feel better

Komokoman112 says:

scarlet blade looks like it’s… F2P (fap to play)

PokketProductions says:

Goodbye. If you can’t allow others to have an opinion separate from yours,
whether they are offended or not, then that’s not my problem =]

nojesseknows says:

Pokket needs a good Hot Toddy to soothe her voicebox.

Sneaky Pewpz says:

Omgosh Margaret Krohn <3 And yes scarlet blade looks retarded. Pokket get
well soon and I'm wondering if you're gonna try out defiance? Was
completely off my radar till this week when a friend told me about it. Now
time to rest and slay some vanu tmr ^^

Jin GW says:

too hot to listen

Supremax67 says:

No discrimination intended, but Korean games don’t work in North America
and North American games don’t work in Korea. The mentality is simply
different. So Rift announcement comes to no surprise!

Banjal cain says:

You just named about 70% of all the new games that have came out in the
past 5 years.They will keep making them till people stop buying them.

Jason Fraser says:

Yet another great vid and valid points on the Scarlet Blade game. While I
am sure there is a market for it, not sure how many people will admit to
playing/subscribing to it.

clog555 says:

Yeah I think Scarlet Blade is pretty much a joke. Tera was getting there
with women wearing bikinis and high heels while fighting monsters, a game
which i enjoy quite a lot. But SB is basically bad joke material with there
decision to put jiggle physics down as a selling point.

mmogamer68 says:

It’s a shame that developers feel the need to make games like Scarlet Blade.

PokketProductions says:

He doesn’t get to choose what I deem as important or not. If he thinks it’s
small/silly (that’s what she said), doesn’t mean I have to. Not liking the
extreme objectification of the female gender isn’t really something he can
comment on, imo. Not fully, at least. Especially if he shows no

DragOzze says:

so You’ll stick to Tera Pokket ? xD

Carlos Martijena says:

Hope you feel better soon – and yeah, SB looks pretty trashy.

Mirage MMO says:

Wildstar is wow Devs from when it was good with decent endgame and content
(aka titan is ripping it off) most potential, ESO is sexy but lacks come
charterer depth/customization but has decent endgame. ArcheAge is bad ass
but needs more endgame PVE. Scarlet Blade is kind of not made greatly tried
it for a bit just to try it graphics were bleh, characters were over
exaggerated not even in a good anime way. Most new MMO’s that just launched
are fairly fail. Rift US population is dropping down.

Up All Night Gaming says:

feel better please! pho does wonders!

TarzoEzio says:

wow 10 years old…just…yeah…you can’t put a new engine, but you can
make it BETTER.

aNaHiLiuSs says:

I hope u get better soon, Pokket 🙂 Thanks for making videos while ur sick
couse u’ve done that before and i rly respect that!!! i hope ur channel
gets more attention couse it’s rly fun watching u and stuff and i think
more people should watch 🙂

Brian Dornbusch says:

feel better pokket!

farkdanarc says:

Pokket, i had to see what exactly this was about….i looked on
youtube….my wife walked in and was like “WHAT THE **** IS THIS?!?!?!”
thanks for my night on the couch.

Dixa1 says:

why would you respond to an obvious troll? since when does any korean game
have ‘realistic looking’ graphics. they are all stylized anime-style.

salute the dead says:


stonefoxuk says:

You must bother yourself too then fatemaster, because you were bothered
just as easily. OMG Scarlet Blade looks so trashy and piss poor I cant
blame Pokket for not giving a shit.

ApathyBeHim says:

LOL. Scarlet Blade is nothing more than a game that tries to appeal to the
lonely gamer who doesn’t know how to interact with females in real life.
The only cool thing I thought it had were the mech suits. The combat is
really nothing innovative and games like Tera or GW2 blows it out of the
water. The character designs aren’t even that good. You should stop QQ’ing
over a person’s opinion and just play your perverted game… in your lonely
apartment… all by yourself… with your virtual gf.

LordViper25 says:

Hope you are taking care of that throat, it sounded sincerely painful.. :S
As for Scarlet Blade.. at the very least the actual babes displayed are in
the actual game XD I’ve seen games advertise the same way but there was
actually no babe represented in the actual game itself.. -_-‘ lol

Eyal Itsik says:

Much appreciated, and have a quick recovery 🙂

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