TERA Online EU – Censored VS Uncensored Elin

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0:00 Censored 1:45 Uncensored But the Cash Shop… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IG6VT4gww4c&feature=youtu.be Others censored MMORPG Queens Blade (Scarlet B…


Kraken973 says:

The game is censured but not the outfit in the Cash shop. You can buy sexy
bikini for Eline.
It’s like Blade & Soul china censorship with the Cash Shop not censored.
Censorship for make more money.
TERA Online Cash Shop not Censored

Courtney F says:

Wow I must be the only girl that plays as an Elin. :I I’m straight and
married. I think they’re adorable and I prefer them over the grungy
castanic or amon-whatever races. Shoot me.

Humorous LOL says:

LMFAO It’s beyond pathetic how many perverted pedophiles that are outraged
by this censor.

First of all, they are still dressed in a way most normal parents wouldn’t
want their 10 year olds to dress. Get over it.

Second, the fact these little girls (stop defending your positions with
bullshit arguments like “they are fantasy characters”, or “they aren’t
human”. They are little girls, plain and simple) are wearing so little and
the fact that you want them to wear less with such passion really says a
lot about you as an individual. They do look like kids, so why such an
outrage? It’s hilarious how vigorously people like cyborgchimpy are
defending themselves.

Are you that perverted and retarded that you haven’t realized that internet
porn exists, and you can fulfill all your pathetic needs of looking at a
bit of ass and a belly with a quick Google search?

Grow up. This is a video game. If the fact that you don’t get to see your
child character wearing next to nothing pisses you off, maybe you need to
get off the computer and spend a few days in the world of reality. You
really do need it.

Lee Hyeongdo says:

Someone help me spot the difference…

XmarcX92 says:

Lots of perv in mmos, this is the perfect class for them.

LordGwynn says:

So basically if you take a 8 year old girl add bunny ears and a tail it’s
not a little girl anymore. Pedophile logic.

King Hammy says:

i’m not really getting the difference between censored and uncensored..

Keion Bradley says:

Lol what is this? All I see is a bunch of vid game characters flaunting
their hips side to side so it you guys are arguing over that then so be it
and if your a pedo so, if you think they look like little girls and don’t
like it oh well lol you can fap to it as much as you want although to be
truthful I’ve never seen this tell now

Jessica M. says:

I always played an Elin on tera because they are a very cute race and my
style. I don’t see my char as a child. People just fail to realize that
there’s different types of characters and different body style. The high
elfs are more realistic looking, the Elins are more anime inspired looking.
In anime, sometimes you never really know the age of the character unless
stated, because they all look very young. If tera would of given Elins a
specific age, then it would be different. Elins are ageless. 

Choco Bunny says:

Pretty much what it is.
The elin Aka – Children Based
Are wearing skimpy thungs and wearing skimpier clothing to show more of
their body…………….

Lee Wei Jie says:

Reading the comments really amuses me. This is just a game, get over it….

Stable Dweller says:

So? What harm will PEDOPHILES do? They’ll just be AFK on the Isle of Dawn
Fapping to their Elin.

Marureenu says:

Lol the comment section is pure gold
I just play them because they’re adorable. I can understand why they
censored them, though. But I have a problem with the body shapes in this
game in generel tbh… for example the size of the boobs for elves and
humans… is just… ridiculous. 

Rose Heart says:

Of course a lot of people will defend it..not surprising at all but it
still doesn’t make it right. I agree with you Lee Hyeongdo There’s barely a
difference lol. They do all of this because they know most of the world is
full of perverts. Most of they players come from perverts >.< Barely any decent people who can say they don't watch or look at rated M things anymore..Sorry I'm just upset lol ^^ 

LesbianLioness says:

They look like short 16 year olds to me. Lips are to full, hips to wide,
and all that.

Oliver Rinzler says:

Do people honestly think think pedophiles look at the Elin race and go
“Ohhh! This encourages my pedophilic ways!” Like the pedophile isn’t
already thinking that shit on a daily basis.

Jimmy Russell says:

The perverts here defending themselves is hilarious.

cyborgchimpy says:

+Claire AwesomeSauce the elin do not look like kids lol. check blade and
soul lyn race. those look like kids..altho going for both, they are not
human kids and dont look anything near real humans, and if you do think
they look like real humans you need to go see a doctor. I myself find the
hips attractive. and you know what? prepubescent girls dont have those. its
really strange how this is even a topic. I think people like you just see a
small resemblance and are scared of getting judged by others, so you reject
the idea of it from the start. a little bit sad in a way I suppose. btw.
even if they were to resemble real human kids, they are not real kids. I
reckon pedofiles go fap to fiction, rather than picking a real kid of the
street any day but I guess you didnt think further than the very first
thing that could possibly pop in your mind.

Charlie Brown says:

Just more proof that the kooky westerns have lost their marbles. So much
political endorsed concerns over the visual image of a cartoon character
and equality a cartoon character to real persons. It is official, the
westernites cannot tell the difference between CARTOON and PERSON anymore.
They also believe unicorns are real and have ages too and it is wrong for
unicorns to wear panties. The westernites for a long time have
discriminated against the petite form of females for much long time to the
point anything without breast is considered as filth. Now even game
characters are subjected to the fantasy ridicules of the ill-minded
westernite and its hypocrisy. The Elin have no age, cannot be children and
were never children. For no children were used in their creation to began
with. Under the guise of so-called child protections, the game realm of
fantasy and fiction is sacrificed. I have seen the same behavior towards
LGBT. Now that the LGBT cannot be harassed, the westernite has turn its
devouring eyes towards the art of Loli. 

Jaeggerjack says:

Lol all that fuzz bout panties? XD I could understand it if it was shown
naked.. but.. PANTIES?! XD

Akash James says:

Why tera……why??

marajlize legaljuana says:

Tera is awesome but I really wish they would take Elin out of the game and
replace them with midget elfs or something the pedos run wild in this game

iLovesToHatez says:

they dont like furry fandoms.
omg, no. not panties.. quick somebody throw me a *Playboy*. Oh we have
internet, (even worse)

טריניטי בוביט says:

This related to Fiesta 0nline?

Freezorg A says:

Anyone who thinks elins look anything like real kids need to get out more.
Basement dwelling is bad for you, didn’t you know?

mistergod3 says:

US law distinguishes between pornographic images of an actual minor,
realistic images that are not of an actual minor, and non-realistic images
such as drawings. The latter two categories are legally protected unless
found to be obscene, whereas the first does not require a finding of
obscenity. Until you prove it to be obscene, you have no real right to
complain about other people’s art. And I personally like things this, I
feel if you change a pedophiles habits from real child porn, to an artistic
version of it that hurts no-one, pedophiles will be less likely to actually
commit the heinous crime of child rape. People with unorthodox fetishes
will always exist so you faggots complaining about art will end up causing
more problematic situations then your gonna solve with the way your all

inepta says:

if they had tits i would not think anything of it, but considering they
look like 10 year olds with flat chests… welllllll….. pass…..

Ryokem MasNada says:

its the perfect game for pedos

Wilf Tarkin says:

Yeah, nothing pedo-creepy about this at all.

shiningyrlife says:

it just a dam game… seriously, lot of people have weird fetishes, and i
play elin cuz, well, her clothes actually look best and not so overly
weirdly revealed like other races… 

Claire AwesomeSauce says:

@Janus Breytenbach

It’s pedophilia and wrong. Besides, this isn’t just the “American version,”
the EU has done it too. Infact the video *is* the EU version being shown.
So congrats on making a fool of yourself..

Jayden Etnel says:

A professional perv in action !

rosti93 says:

I see do difference?

Jeremiah Oliman says:

ahaha pedophile??? that’s fucked up, you need to see a doctor. below
average IQ & narrow minded people haha

madeonfinale1 says:

I love TERA but Im a bit young & I know its for 17+ but I can’t stop
playing it, Its just amazing and really fun especially when doing dungeons

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