Scarlet Blade – Medic vs Boss (solo)

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Jeikeu Rushenvashi says:

HAHA Fucking hilarious. LOL

Kraken973 says:

I’m french.
defender is a useless character, others characters like wipper can have better resistance and great DPS. Defender is useless in PVE or PvP.
Go back to your medic, it’s the best character for teamplay PvE or PvP.

Nicole fh says:

Hello! I have a question I see you play Scarlet Blade, The truth haci not speak English I’m using Google Translator XDDD Well the point is that I started to play Scarlet Blade and Use MEDIC and get to level 13 and I did not tell me that mission ago I had to switch characters to dEFEND and I spend the same Xc but at level 15, Well you tell me that I have to do because the game is in English and does not understand anything. :)) Bye!

Joseph Kuok says:

Hello!I play medic as well.Can I ask about what skills do you learn the most on?

Hazer G says:

good one!

Stephanie Park says:

what are your skills n buffs?

Kraken973 says:

The game is released

rezyrk says:

I really wanna play this is it still in beta ?

Kristaps Bendiks says:

Yeah… it can’t handle the bounce!

Kraken973 says:

you need a good cpu

edward johnson says:

my graphic cad is not high enough to play this 🙁

AnimeSisterz says:

Haha you keep hitting its crotch. xD

itisthefear says:

i just joined the game in Cbt , and i have to say that medic would be way more attractive if they didnt have that huge weapon in their backs all the time 😛

Marco Freire says:

I done a medic on Early CBT and i liked it very much…

TooT Arena says:

nice !! i want medic too

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