Skimpiness EVERYWHERE! – Scarlet Blade Gameplay – Part 1

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There are a lot of reasons why I am proud to be a Korean. This is one of them. Pure Ridiculousness. I love it! So anyways I got a alpha invite to Scarlet Bla…


behsawi says:


Chelsea C says:


ArchetypeEithe says:

I need something to do though. Got any ideas? Preferably something free… XD

ArchetypeEithe says:

Thanks my good sir! My mind is far from the gutter, but I still find stuff like this funny. I appreciate your like and view!

MsGameAlot says:

You sir, have got yourself a subscriber! xD

Taylor Raiford says:

you sound like youve never seen a porno before xD but im not hating great video you got my like

theone323232 says:

believe it or not they arnt just verry close

major9063 says:


Jarrod Boyatt says:

They aren’t already topless?

derrick doyle says:

the bobbies move lol 7:55

derrick doyle says:

same here hehehe 1:02

MrMilkyCoco says:

furi kuri :3

LittlePotatoProd says:

I’m a girl and I play this game I’m a Punisher baby 😀

Troopertroll says:

You sound like a mixture of my roommate and one of his friends when they encounter stuff like this. XD Both Korean, of course. Brilliant

Esmahh Perez says:


DarkWarrior says:


ArchetypeEithe says:

Marry me. XD.

ArchetypeEithe says:

Glad to hear that! I hope to make everyone’s day entertaining, but lately I haven’t done much for videos. *sniff*

JuanYiang says:

For some weird ass reason i kept laughing when you were laughing man you made my day

Milly Gosheva says:

Im a girl.. and im downloading the game now ;dd

MegaLuckyLeaf says:

I’m gonna try it now.. just finished downloading.. :I

SonicKings says:

I doubt anybody in this game has hit level 2 yet.

cameronAND dylanAREbeast says:

im pretty sure not a single girl plays the game

ArchetypeEithe says:

Yeah it is, that is just the name of the song.

Seth Johns says:

It sounds like the song from FLCL anime.

rapiddog1999V3 says:


its got my vote

notoriousbig3k says:

this game i just found now cu i saw on gamecopyworld an add

notoriousbig3k says:

i have only male characters on WoW Allods and Guild Wars 

ArchetypeEithe says:

An alpha invite is when the developers give you a copy or a link of the game so you can be one of the first in the masses to try it out.

amzlol123 says:

whats an alpha invite ?? 😛

Catdoggasaurous says:

i sure am :3

jmrwacko says:

I feel like people take a long time leveling up in this game for… obvious reasons

Razor Blade says:

Nope, it is completely uncensored and you can be nekkid if you really wanted to.

gusfilen says:

rukia with boobs o_o

MsBaconSoap says:


moo cake says:

unless your an anti sexual who plays it because of the game play 1 in a billion chance though….

TheDEDtuber says:

this is somehow to me sexst to men but then again it makes dem feel PORNY!

Scott Winfrey says:

MMORPG- Many Men Online Role Playing as Girls…how did I here from Rob and Big?

VRTXProductions says:

OOOHHHHH now i know where the backround music is from!!its from Fooly Cooly i think but im pretty sure that its from there

TheMSrequired says:

.. again oh god.

TheBFFstudios says:

This game is gonna get wried I can feel it.

Midnight592 says:

Don’t know why they even have First Person, The Game was made to be played in third person.

Tom D. Nowak says:


ArchetypeEithe says:


ArchetypeEithe says:

The Pillows-Little Busters!

Sakura Takamura says:

lol im pretty sure your staring at every girls tits as soon as u get the chance XDDD

Sakura Takamura says:

whats that song in the bacground

whitesmith bonesdark says:

it’s amazing that theres no piggies in this game(except maybe players) YET.

SHADOW5383 says:

From America to all Asians. We Love You…

SHADOW5383 says:

IS it bad that idea gave me a half boner?

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