Free To Play Weekly – Scarlet Blade, Gameglobe & More (ep.69)

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Close for the best free MMORPG and MMO Games. This week on Free to Play Weekly: Aeria Games announces female only MMO Scarlet Blade, City of…


Dimaskoda says:

I just keep hearing her say “According to Nipples !!!!” ffs what’s wrong with me :/

Norm C says:

Scarlet blade play and fap perfect

Skitatic says:

I can’t watch this. She can’t talk fucking properly, constantly pausing. And then she’s put here I assume to be the “hot chick” so us “nerds” watch this shit, unfortunately they found a duck in a human costume.

Vamphyri10 says:

Scarlet Blade producers sir name was Nipples… what a surprice

Khandros Verkhovan says:

Go play it first.

coldrock11 says:

eh…….. watching her present this was just awkward

gamesta5646123 says:

what if the world renowned chef is world renowned for his grilled cheese sandwich?

Zaknafiein says:

why does it matter?

TheWehzy says:

Haha u are right :D

grenwood53 says:


robotgoomba says:

“3D slow paced mech warrior game” sounds so lame lol

ultilinium8 says:


ultilinium8 says:

That was no accident

Endseeker16 says:

you mean a phenomenal number of obserd big breasted characters

SupeHyperMegaGamer95 says:

oohhhh…that’s rude! she’s fine.

KEK Sausagefestifalz says:

Neverwinter is very fun.

whirlybird76 says:

at 1:42 I thought she said Tom Nipples

douglaskim777 says:

Duckface and she is a duck.

technit123 says:

you look like a fag austin

hirowolf says:

But that grilled cheese sounds so good, ever better with a chef who knows a thing or two. :p

Thecrazekat says:

Scarlet blade sucks

lvlIV PSYDUCK says:

You mean like me?

Finrod Felegund says:

boobies the game

ThnkIaA says:


ThnkIaA says:

Scarlet Blade… so many bouncy luscious boobs… it goes past the brain and goes directly to the retinal brain. *boing!* *Boing!* BOING*

1236remis says:


Carlos Huang says:

Lol scarlet blade only about boobs

lukkelose says:

Tom Nipples?

darkbade999 says:

because it isn’t, queen’s blade is a japanese anime while queen’s/scarlet blade is a korean game

Yuko Asho says:

I think it’s Korean, not Japanese.

Though I’m playing the closed beta, and it sure as shit LOOKS like an anime.

Eros Valentine says:

She looks like she gives really good hugs ^-^

fusionmechanic1 says:

Damn have not seen ur ahows in a while forget how games and women with bubblicious boobies make me feel lol.

chocolateman327 says:

shes hot 😛

Drake Draconixs says:

Wow you are very cute :$

Luna Starling says:

I just know how you can review Scarlets Blade with a straight face the game is so sexist and degrading to us women:(

Ultorif says:

Gameglobe is laging for my part. Anyone has the same problem?

gundamnexus says:

scarlet blade was named queen’s blade?!!!
what, its a game adaptation of the anime???!!!!!!!!
doesnt look like it to me

Samuel Souza Borges says:

I’am Brazilian and thank you

Joe Hideous says:

thanks city of steam, now I know where Ilidan went

rolo4005 says:

1:33 Why?? becausee women are the best in the woooorld ijs

selb ster says:

Episode 69 lol

Dan wood says:

i know 2 is raderz 4 is apb reloaded and 6 is vindictus

winter XI says:

she gets all the bros hard

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