Scarlet Blade Online Character Creation First Look Mature Audience Warning

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Scarlet Blade uncensored Mature Audience Warning! http://queens…


SteparuTV says:

oh boy

SteparuTV says:

They are adding a male character soon.

SteparuTV says:

Think that only applies to Asian titles. lol

SteparuTV says:

Playing with one hand takes skill!

SteparuTV says:

Speak of Fan Service Online, I think they used to have those adult MMORPG’s back in the days what was it called maybe Kabod? XD

SteparuTV says:

haha I think so

SteparuTV says:

I thought the transformation was interesting XD..

SteparuTV says:

So rare to find game created a by a dev team of women I think there was one MMORPG but I forgot the name I think it was Beat something lol.

Yeah, you’re right though most of the games are made by dev team full of men 🙂

BBradshawProductions says:

Ok they need to change the game title. Change Scarlet to Harlet and change Blade to Boobs

Harlet Boobs

It will be a #1 hit.

Animurh says:

You mean every game in existence? What game do you remember that was made by women?

eolsunder says:

another game made up by a bunch of guys with nothing else to do

Shiimochi says:

Well….it’s asian.

Shiimochi says:

Scarlet Blade Online Character Creation: The only part of the game that’s interesting.

Ethan Drake says:

Is it fab …. i mean … free to play ?

Sherm Perry says:

Great idea, Boring combat system.

Perfect world Graphics

PunkDudeFtw says:

Hahahahahaahahahahaha what the fuck. Oh man this had my laughing in tears. Might as well call the game “Fan Service” online. Still though, very nice marketing plan towards the 15-25 age group.

Khimmalgura says:

we dont call it nerd dude, we call it ” I have a bad news for you” ….

TheFirestorm214 says:

This is hot?

yedad G says:

wow wow ow…. are more out there =O

TheYellowWindow says:

Whoa that’s messed up.

Roger Joseph says:

lol, I guess since i don’t masturbate to these things I might get great scores since I am using both hands to play the game.

Riggzilla says:

lmfao where do i sign up

Samuraiedge2 says:

There is a saying in the video game culture…. “The more revealing the more protection.” :3

SjanaWilgani says:

How exactly is this armor supposed to protect them ? xD
Wait, can we even call it armor ? xD

Umi Da Cat says:

I’m here for the plot of the game…

Awesome Trynda says:

10:42 srsly man, it’s just a fucking kid! damn those pedo korean ppl

mustlyrash425 says:


PCdefenders says:



WAIT  a mintute theres no boys :OOOOOOOOOOOOOO

FreedomFighterEx says:

it’s your character just insert into those mech so yeah…….let’s just use bigger better mech with more offensive power and defensive while we stick our body out and expose like this.

shadokan87 says:

An other porn game

exactinmidget92 says:

im in that naughty place in the internet again, and i like it >:)

exactinmidget92 says:

dont lie

Bảo Quốc says:

what kind of porn is this ? O.o

Voodoo3397 says:

4:40 you’re welcome

deFrag is back says:

pedobear spotteeeeeeeeeeeedddddddd

Aysen166 says:

to the fapmobile

Josh Jackson says:

We got big boobs, small boobs, round asses, and square asses; heck they even got jail bate!

taeYangisTheBEST . says:

hey how can i create an account on the korean queen’s blade ? please help

brokshott says:

Well, no need for nude mods.

ChimeraFunLP says:

This is fucking sexy I il start playing this boob game

Barack Obama says:

I give you, TITS the MMO!

anthony lamanna says:

If I wanted porn I’d watch porn, seriously what with these fucking pervs making games like this. Call me gay all you want but I think it’s fun to be a 7 foot tall hulk smashing down bosses. hey thats just me though.

Lue Lee says:


isei hyodo says:

4:37 OMG!!! I love this game

draakjepet says:

how is the gameplay?

Damien Mohammed says:

The last one’s face killed my boner -_____-‘

TessMafia says:

no x.x it’s just a ftp. game. (fap to play)~

MrLeagueGamerFTW says:

this is turning me on

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