Basically – Scarlet Blade [The Worst Boobs]

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FINALLY! A new “Kawaii Desu Uguu Anime Boobu-festuu” game! But…is it too kawaii??? You decide! Or let me. ————-…


bo616 says:


amohotepv says:

Am I the only one who doesn’t care about the physical appearance of women as much as their personality? I’ll take an upbeat girl who doesn’t have a problem being herself over boobs and “curves” any day. I mean, for Amaterasu’s sake, it’s just fat protruding from the chest.

Quinton McDaniel says:

…wth is this.

Ozarkeree says:

I can’t stop laughing

Mintycatcat says:

With games like this I think it might have just been a better idea for them to just make a porno .o.;

andres estrada says:

Some funny shit XD

Necromancer50000 says:

My eyes are gone.

cptwolfineer says:


ld6000 says:

Yeah… Okay so I am female… I played this game a few months ago.. It is literally nothing but tits. There is a feature in the game, a side quest if you will, every 5 levels you can unlock a porno pic. That’s right you heard me. This game is absolute shit. xD Don’t even waste your time on it.

iSugarHeart says:

lol well this pretty much sums it all up x’DD this game most likely inspired by anime Queen blade which is pretty much porn .. and this game is aswell.. and the guy who commented this is game meant to play with one hand was right… so i guess for me as a girl this game aint even worth time..

Tobias Bergstrand says:

i love that 95% of the men not working as guards are black sales men, man they sure love em some black rod, a bit of morning wood. if you catch my drift.

monsterviolence says:

They made a remake of Custer’s Revenge on youtube and its looks more detailed…

TheMegaOne1000 says:

2:15 duct tape

Roxfox says:

So basically this is the MMORPG equivalent of DoA: Xtreme Beach Volleyball. Great. That’s exactly what we need.

Blake Finley says:

this game is so cheap $36 for something get something? nice price!

DrunkenFiist says:

You sir, are entertaining as fuck.

soultar55 says:


Oki Iputu says:

. . . if iam under 18 . can i play it?

MrLukygamer says:

who the hell made this game it’s a sad sad place..

DokaTehFox says:

I’m not sure… ooh! Maybe the entire point of a game! Gameplay.

Nicholas Gibbs says:

Guy narrating the video, is Gary from the Rockstar Game BULLY, either that or he sounds exactly like the guy.

USSMariner says:

The art design is hideous, and not the least bit sexy, actually. Ugh.

Degtyannikov100 says:

peter griffin

Dalton McBleh says:

Is it really fair to call that a penis? It’s just a couple of pixels in a line.

Adrian Tan says:

Crossfire is poop

Matthew Hook says:

*worse *than

Andrea Aggarao says:

I couldn’t stop laughing. I’m sorry.

16m49x3 says:

but… hentai has awesome plots…

minecraftman12 says:

wtf this is worst then World of warcraft

DayzBambi1 says:

dota 2 is better than this game and I don’t even know how to play

monsterviolence says:

1) Beam Em & Eat Them (Atari 2600), 2) Cho Aniki (Playstation), 3) Muscle March (Wii), 4) Burning Desire/Jungle Fever (Atari 2600), 5) BoneTown (PC), 6) Hotaru (official XXX gay game released for PC in Japan)

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